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標題: China NFL Jerseys monuments and structures in New Amsterdam [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1EpN    時間: 2018-4-16 22:17     標題: China NFL Jerseys monuments and structures in New Amsterdam

The ninth edition of the “Guyana where and what”, the premier pocket size guide book on Guyana, is now available for visitors to Guyana and Guyanese alike.  The first edition was published in 2007 for World Cup Cricket and has been published annually.In celebration of Guyana’s Golden Jubilee,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, the cover features the Independence Arch and the logo specially designed for the event. A special feature article on the history of the country’s Independence can be found in the early pages of the guide book.The information section has been translated to Portuguese for the growing population of Brazilians residing in Guyana and to support Brazilian tourists, businessmen and traders visiting Guyana.This year’s guide book provides information for visitors to Guyana on birding, fishing, historic Dutch  sites,China NFL Jerseys, places of interest, site- seeing spots ,  Eco-wonders ,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, special features on our historical buildings, monuments and structures in New Amsterdam, Linden and the Essequibo Coast and carries a personal experience of one of its contributing writer’s visit to Orealla.In addition, visitors can locate hotels,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, restaurants, tour operators, tourist resorts, banks, hospitals, opticians, jewellery stores and boutiques,Wholesale China Jerseys, computer and electrical stores in this little book.Twenty thousand copies are in circulation at hotels, restaurants, airports, tour operators,cheap jerseys, resorts, travel agencies and Embassies.  The guide is free and is supported mainly through advertising revenue from businesses. The 140- page guide book also has a pull out 10 x 12 map of Guyana.Copies can be obtained from the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana in Waterloo Street and Guyana Tourism Authority at the Sophia Complex. The design and layout was done by Grafix House. The “Guyana Where & What” guidebook is published by Gem Madhoo-Nascimento of G.E.M.S. Inc.

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