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作者: yueyrt1EpN    時間: 2018-3-13 22:08     標題: Wholesale Jerseys ‘Thank you

All over de street nuff people telling dem boys  that if nobody from de past administration don’t get jail it means that Soulja Bai and Rum Jattan,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, de two leaders in de coalition is setting de stage fuh dem and dem party people to do de same thing wha Scampish Jagdeo and Donald Dumb do to Guyana.Some of de local Bees who had dem nose too close to Jagdeo tail,Cheap NFL Jerseys, already start pushing that same nose behind Soulja Bai and Rum Jattan.Boyah done give Soulja Bai free bricks fuh State House. He mek de yard look nice.And dem boys hear in de grapevine that he mek a big promise fuh plenty brick fuh de new Durban Park behind Cuffy.One of de original Bee,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, who always hanging he lip like if he Kay,Cheap Jerseys From China, was de fuss one fuh sprinkle li’l water in Georgetown fuh clean up.Just like how dem had Bees in Guyana sucking up to de big Bee and grab all de honey fuh demself dem had some Bees overseas looking in, and licking dem lips. Dem realize that Guyanese politicians love anybody who is a Bee.Bar Rat is a Bee; Soulja Bai is also a Bee. Bar Rat got he Babby; and Soulja Bai attracting a Babby. Dem boys hear he want to land in Babby seat. He too like sweetness.Is Soulja Bai Babby who invite another Bee,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, a Black Bee from New York to be de hospital boss man. Uncle Sam put a stop to de plan dem had. Now this Bee sitting in de Yard, waiting fuh Bar Rat and Brazzy to join ee.Dem boys want tell Uncle Sam, ‘Thank you,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, Buddy.’De Hambassador in Guyana tell dem boys that this Bee wouldn’t be lonely in dem Yard. He stop short telling dem boys some names. But before he tun he face, he seh something that sound like “Ah Mad”.Talk half and hope that is not Ed going and join this new Bee.

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