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Life for eleven year old Tatianna Nunes,Nike Air Max 98 Gundam For Sale, of Amelia’s Ward Linden, and a student of the Mackenzie High, is soon to change for the better.According to Tatianna’s mother Sarah Nunes, Tatianna has been hearing impaired, from about the age of three, but thanks to LIAT who has pledged two return tickets for herself and daughter, all that is soon to be corrected through the intervention of an ear specialist in Antigua.Nunes is optimistic that with the intervention of the specialist,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Tatianna will be able to hear much better.Tatianna is a brilliant child, despite her disability her mother confesses, and so was able to gain a place at the Mackenzie High school, at the last Grade six assessment.She is the first child for her mother, and was born prematurely.Apart from the academic excellence,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Tatianna participates in dances, acrobatics, drama and puppetry.However,Wholesale China Jerseys, life has never been a bed of roses for this child, according to her mother who says that Tatianna often has to cope with teasing from her peers, with the result that she suffers bouts of depression.“However, she is never unhappy for long, as she is a fighter  with a strong spirit and a very big heart,Air Max 97 2018,” Nunes acknowledges.“Tatianna has participated in the spelling bee competition because she is active in both the deaf and hearing world so she participated in the deaf spelling bee competition where she placed first.She is also an avid reader and this has balanced her out a bit.“So accessing this treatment would be really phenomenal. I am very happy, because at times I used to be really frustrated, when the other children would tease her and she would get depressed.”Asked why the intervention was not being done here in Guyana. Nunes said that she had exhausted all avenues here, with no success. She is therefore very grateful to LIAT for the two tickets to Antigua, which will help her daughter to access the necessary medical intervention.The medical bills would be taken care of by Tatianna’s uncle, James Richards, who lives in Antigua.Nunes said that her brother decided to do something for his niece after she earned a place at Mackenzie High.“So as a little reward for her academic achievement,Wholesale China Jerseys, my brother made some enquires about a good ear specialist in Antigua and he decided he was going to stand the medical bill.Tatianna and her mother, Sarah Nunes“I was later put on to LIAT through some contacts, and so I sent through an e-mail and I was required to write a letter and Mr. Orin Walton, the country manager of  LIAT, responded very promptly and favorably agreeing to pay for return tickets for me and Tatiana so that she can go access the ear examination and whatever.”Nunes and her daughter will depart Guyana on the 21st September, and are expected to return by October 3rd.LIAT’s country Manager Orrin Walton said the airline is happy to be of assistance to Tattianna.

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