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A lucky shopper has won a year supply of free groceries after taking part in DSL Cash and Carry Holiday promotion.Mrs. Sursati Budhu, of Lot 31 Haslington,NFL Jerseys Supply, Enmore East Coast Demerara is the happy winner of the DSL Cash and Carry Holiday promotion and has won herself one year’s worth in free groceries.Budhu was among 11 other winners who won prizes in the DSL Cash & Carry’s “Free Groceries” Promotion.  Customers shopping during the months of November and December were given a coupon for every $5,000 spent at DSL Cash & Carry.  These coupons were filled and dropped into entry boxes located in any of our three outlets at Diamond,Jerseys From China, Ruimveldt or Sheriff Street.Budhu and the other 11 received their prizes at a recent drawing in the DSL Ruimveldt location.Budhu was followed by Mrs. Bernadette Byass who won three months’ worth of free groceries valued at $120,000.Five other winners won a full rebate on their shopping for that day. Mrs Sicilia Bipta, whose shopping was for $159,150 was quite excited to receive her cheque while the others Mrs. Parbattie Manikar,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Mr. Clive Jordon, Mr. Rudolph Chung and Mrs. Gloria Jaimotie won their shopping of $80,631; $72,167; $20,NFL Jerseys China,449 and $9,148 respectively.Another five winners, Mr. Bissoon Ramnarine, Mr. Balwan Singh, Mrs. Dhanpattie Ramlakhan, Mr. Vickram Jaikaran, and Mrs. Desiree Moshett, each won one month’s free groceries, valued at $40,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,000.A very excited Mrs. Budhu noted, “I thank DSL Cash & Carry for this wonderful prize and I encourage other people to shop at DSL since you too can be a winner.”Mrs. Natasha Ally, Retail Manager of DSL,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, congratulated the winners. She noted that DSL Cash & Carry was very pleased to reward its loyal shoppers in 2014.She added that this promotion was a culmination of a year of promotions that saw shoppers win monthly prizes from trips to televisions.Ally noted, “We look forward to the continued support of our customers in 2015 and we continue to find ways to give back to them.”She also urged consumers to look out for even more exciting promotions in 2015.

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