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Panic has hit Region Ten as a number of homes in Kwakwani and surrounding areas have now become flooded. Heavy rainfalls persist causing the overtopping of the Berbice River to occur at some points.Reports are that the “Lamp Island” area is very low and is badly flooded as the water continues to rise daily. Some residents have sought alternative shelters since their homes are now under water.A Kwakwani resident said yesterday that “the water is higher now than for the past two floods which we had. It is a constant thing for water to rise when it rains heavily but such a flood was not expected. Some people have to relocate”.He explained that every year the rainfall seems to be more intense than the previous year and on this occasion, water from the Berbice River has overtopped at certain sections from both sides of the river,Nike Air Max 1 Mens Trainers, causing more flood damage to the buildings and homes established at the Water Front.Kaieteur News understands that a nursery school located at the riverbank is flooded with over three feet of water and the school has been closed until further notice.The route used by vehicles to ‘touch down at the shore’ is covered with water and truck operators have to resort to off-loading their items at a further distance where the barge usually operates.Another resident of Kwakwani explained to this newspaper that the current flood situation has been occurring for a little over a month (to date) with the water slowly rising everyday.He said that only until two weeks ago did the situation worsen. It was then that the water started posing a serious threat to vehicles and began flooding out homes and facilities along the waterfront.The man added that the pontoon continues to be functional and that the high water has not yet caused any problems in this aspect, but if the rain persists then later there will be difficulties for vehicles and people utilising the services of the pontoon.This newspaper was further told that majority of the areas have not yet been affected by the continuous rainfall. However; if the heavy rains continue then more water will overtop and affect other areas in a short period of time.According to Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, reports from Kwakwani indicate that there are two main areas of concern: Lamp Island and Water Front.He added that Regional Health Officer,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Dr. Pansy Armstrong,Cheap Jerseys China, is  currently in the area,Wholesale Jerseys From China, leading a medical team which is providing support to the health team from the area.Outreach programmes were conducted in Lamp Island and on the Water Front while the number of reported diarrhea and other cases  from Kwakwani indicate no unusual health impact to date. Only two cases of diarrhea were reported in the last 24 hours.Dr. Ramsammy said that the Ministry of Health continues to maintain standby staff if the need arises for flood affected areas in Regions Nine and Ten.He said,Buy Air Max 1, “Medical supplies are ready to be sent if the need arises. The Ministry of health has already begun to add to its stock of bleach and other disinfectant supplies. The situation on the ground appears stable,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, but the health workers recognise the need for continued vigilance”. (Kristen Macklingam)

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