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作者: yueyrt1EpN    時間: 2018-2-13 18:32     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys China 000 compensation but it is not true”.

A Rosignol, West Bank Berbice teen, is still in pain after he was injured in an accident not far from his home in April. The lad, 17-year- old Kenny Satrohan,China Jerseys, of Lot 33 Bennett Dam,NHL Jerseys Authentic, Rosignol, was riding home from work on the Rosignol Public Road on March 22 around 17:30 hrs.Kenny SatrohanHe said that another vehicle,Soccer Jerseys China, a Tiger Hilux Forerunner (GMM 9981) pulled up suddenly in front of him in the ‘white line’ of the road and caused an accident.He said the driver of the vehicle was the Estate Manager of Blairmont Estate. Several attempts to reach the individual proved futile since his secretary said he was in a seminar.Satrohan said that he had no time to brake. He hit the vehicle and fell on the roadside. “I run into him and he opened the door at the same time and I fell down”.The young man added that the driver came out “and was just standing up, not doing anything like nothing ain’t happen”. Several by-standers, he noted, witnessed the incident, including his brother who came rushing to his assistance.“My brother asked him [the driver] what he would do and he said, ‘he could do anything, kill anybody and go away and nobody can’t do him anything”.About fifteen minutes later, an ambulance took Satrohan to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was examined and given injections on his right hip. At that time, he noted, he was feeling immense pain in his right hand and left hip.The hospital officials, he said, told them that there was no x-ray machine at Fort Wellington, so they had to transfer him to New Amsterdam Hospital, where they were informed that the x-ray machine there was “not working”. They were met with the same message upon visiting the hospital again the next day and had to return after the weekend.The hand was x-rayed and placed in a cast the following Monday in New Amsterdam. To date, several weeks after the incident, the young man is still in pain and is on medication for his hand and hip.The family reported the matter to the Blairmont Police Station after which the case was called on April 3. However, the boy’s mother, Parbattie Satrohan, said that when they turned up at court on that day, a police officer came out and told them “that when the judge call the case,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, he will call us, but he never called back to this day”. The matter has since been left hanging. And the Satrohans want justice.The boy’s mother said that the driver never visited the family or even called to apologise or to find out how her son was doing. “He [Satrohan] does work and support me; times hard…now he can’t work anymore because his hand is swelling…he can’t lift heavy weight or anything– he worked a few days with Star Seafoods but he couldn’t manage, the Director had to send him home”.The woman added that her husband is very sickly and she depended on her son for a financial brace,NFL Jerseys Supply, but since the accident, the burdens have been great on her.“Sometimes he [the driver] can do the same thing to somebody else”, she complained. “Since the accident, ‘til now, he [the driver] ain’t get the mind to come back and ask how the boy doing”.Satrohan is scared to speak to this newspaper for fear that the driver might retaliate by harming him or his family in any way for speaking out and especially since he [the driver] is in a senior position of power at the estate.He noted, too, that the driver “is going around telling people that he gave me $600,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys,000 compensation but it is not true”.

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