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A woman receives treatment at the Guyana Watch Outreach at Bath,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, WCBBy Leon SuseranNearly 1,000 persons from East and West Berbice have benefitted from the benevolence of the Guyana Watch Medical team over the past two days. A clinic was held at the Bath Primary School, West Coast Berbice on Thursday where 500 persons were treated for various illnesses; 319 adults,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 116 children and 65 dental patients.The team also attended to over 400 persons on Wednesday at the Tain Primary School in Region Six.  Several persons expressed satisfaction about the medical mission and numerous calls came from patients for Guyana Watch Inc to come more often.Deonarine Khemkarran, 65, a resident of Bath Settlement, said, “If you get it two or three times a year,China NFL Jerseys, you don’t have to run to the doctor”.He has sugar and high blood pressure. “The medication a work that they give you,” he said. It was not his first time at a Guyana Watch Clinic.“It is a good initiative and they should do it three times a year,Cheap Jerseys From China, especially for old people. The system is very fast,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store,” he said.Budnee Benniram praised the mission too. “If they come a two, three month it will be very good. Me surprised me come and just as me come, me get through. Me happy about it because I have a sick mother at home with stroke,Wholesale Jerseys, so me glad if me can get some tablet and so to get she to rest. This is a very nice thing going on here. I am happy about it”.Another patient, Pearly Sahadeo, of Bath, said that she was there and within half an hour  she received medical attention.“The mission is very good. I say more than thanks to these people,” said another patient at the clinic.On hand assisting with delivering the prescription supplies to the patients was President of Guyana Watch Inc, Tony Yassin. When told about the patients’ request for Guyana Watch to visit more than once per year.While he did not rule out the idea, he said that that is not very easy to plan a medical outreach of such with 12 medical doctors who have “have to take time off from their work and schedule their leave”.He said that sometimes the doctors do not have personnel to cover for them at work.The final clinic will be at Leonora on Friday.

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