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作者: yueyrt1EpN    時間: 2018-5-16 23:10     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys with just a few days left for Christmas

–  union threatens to strike actionReports that workers of the Georgetown municipality will not be paid their wages and salaries before Christmas were confirmed by the entity’s Public Relation Officer,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Royston King, yesterday.But according to Andrew Garnett, President of the Guyana Local Government Officers Union (GLGOU), which represents about 40 per cent of the municipal workers,Jerseys Wholesale, industrial action will be imminent at City Hall if workers are not afforded their salaries before Christmas Day.GLGOU President, Andrew GarnettAccording to Garnett, with just a few days left for Christmas, the municipality has not communicated to the workers or even to the union as to when the people will receive their hard earned money.“The GLGOU is very upset at the deterioration of the municipality…Imagine it is less than two days before Christmas and the municipality cannot pay workers…Workers are concerned and the union is very much concerned as well,” Garnett stressed.According to him, the workers are beginning to feel that the management of the municipality has no consideration for their welfare.He said that at the moment workers are under pressure since the operations,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, including at the abattoir and at the markets,China NBA Jerseys, have intensified as a result of the festive season.“They (workers) are in a state of agitation,” said Garnett, adding that the municipality is in direct violation of industrial relations practices.Garnett said that the municipality has also breached an agreement made with the union earlier this year.According to Garnett, the GLGOU had accepted a 10 per cent increase for the workers although it was initially lobbying for 15 per cent by way of letter which was sent to the council in January.He said that it was on July 14, last, that the union was able to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the council which addressed the improvement of the services rendered to the city; an urgent need for the expansion of the revenue base as well as the welfare of the workers which includes remuneration.Garnett said that the MOU was signed by himself, Acting Town Clerk Ms Yonette Pluck, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Mr Robert Williams, and Public Relations Officer Mr Royston King.And according to Garnett, the municipality had assured that the workers would have been paid a retroactive sum by the beginning of November.M&CC PRO, Royston KingHe, however, related that up to yesterday only 50 per cent of the monies were paid and this represents a breach in the agreement.“They have gone too far this time…We have been trying to work with them but they don’t seem to care…”Garnett related that on a number of occasions the union had attempted to collaborate with the municipality,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, in order to address the problems it faces with regards to paying workers.“We were hoping that we could work together… we are not even sure that they are serious about change,Jerseys From China,” Garnett speculated.For this reason he pointed out that the union will be mobilising its workers to take any action that may become necessary. “We will not move blindly into action but we feel the municipality needs to know how workers are feeling,” Garnett added.But according to the municipal Public Relations Officer, the entity is regrettably unable to honour its obligations to workers due to the lack of ready finance.He attributed the situation to the fact that a number of businesses and individuals have neglected to pay their rates and taxes, revenue the municipality relies on heavily.“We are saddened by the fact that at this special time of year when Guyanese look forward to making merriment and reach out to each other with gifts and pleasantries, we are not in a position to pay them their wages and salaries.”King disclosed that the Acting Town Clerk and City Treasurer are working assiduously to garner much needed funds to ensure that workers are eventually paid, adding that at the moment no definite date for payment can be identified.However, King said that the municipality is thankful for the commitment of workers who, despite delayed payments throughout the year, helped keep the municipality functioning.“We are thankful for their patience and understanding but we hope that this kind of condition will end in the new year,” King said, even as he acknowledged that the year has not been easy for the municipality.

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