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New Amsterdam Town Day 2012 got on the way on Sunday with an opening ceremony and cultural show at Main and New Streets,nhl jerseys outlet, New Amsterdam,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, which was preceded by a march-past around the town of New Amsterdam.The procession which was led by the Cofono Band Corps began in front of the New Amsterdam Secondary School at Strand and 39 Stanleytown under the theme “Collaboration and Unity for the restoration of New Amsterdam.”The feature address was delivered by Minister of Tourism,Wholesale Jerseys China, Industry and Commerce,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, Irfaan Ali. Also speaking were Regional Chairman David Armogan and Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green.Ali congratulated the Mayor and Town Council for reaching such a milestone and observing yet another Town Day. He said the government strongly supports the New Amsterdam Town Week activities and plans to work with the Council and people of the town to bring back the town to what it used to be. He also encouraged the people of the town to help build and make their region the best.The week of activities saw a domino competition which was slated for Monday at the New Amsterdam Town Hall. Tuesday was set aside for a day with the Senior Citizens at the Penguin International Hotel. The elderly residents were pampered and served with lunch.An Impromptu Speech Competition for Primary schools in the town was staged yesterday at the New Amsterdam Town Hall.The rest of the Week will see a Gospel Night being held today at the New Amsterdam Town Hall.Two activities are planned for tomorrow— a one day Netball competition at the Drop-in-Centre Court at Smythfield is set to take centre stage during the day and a movie night at the Penguin International Hotel will follow.The Town Week of activities will be climax on Saturday with the much anticipated Street Fair and exhibition along Main and Church Streets stretching to Stelling Road beginning at 09:00 hrs.The activity will culminate on Sunday with a grand fun day at the All Saints Scots Church School for 10:00 hrs.The Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) is expected to play a meaningful role in the Town Week activities. During the week many businesses have special promotions and giveaways.Coordinator of the Town Week is Ms. Norma Chesney.This is the twelfth year that the celebrations are being held.New Amsterdam is also celebrating its 121st Anniversary as a Municipality under the theme “Striving Towards Improving the Standards of New Amsterdam.”

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