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…accuses him of being an associate of criminals“I (Jagdeo) appoint senior counsel…He will never be a Senior Counsel once I am President and I don’t know whether Donald Ramotar will ever give him because he is a drug dealers’ Lawyer”Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo on Sunday, during his party’s most recent election campaign rally inHead of State Bharrat Jagdeo making the charges against Nigel HughesLusignan, East Coast Demerara, delivered a scathing attack on several members of the Opposition including Attorney-At-Law Nigel Hughes of the Alliance for Change (AFC).Jagdeo stopped just short of implicating Attorney Hughes in the 2003 murder of Buxtonian Brian Hamilton but did say that he suspects the attorney was present at the time of the killing.The 35-year-old father of one was shot and killed by one or more gunmen as he sat in the office of his Buxton Public Road gas station.Jagdeo, over the past few weeks,Adam Shaheen Jersey, has been on the campaign trail, at times spewing venomous attacks on persons opposed to him and the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).Hughes has been quickly rising in the ranks of the AFC and has now attracted the brunt of the ire of the president who painted him as an attorney for ‘drug-dealers.’Jagdeo did not seek to disguise his attack on Hughes, vowing that under his Presidency, Hughes would never be appointed a Senior Counsel.Jagdeo also accused Hughes as the person on the AFC’s platform peddling racism. “They (AFC) got a man called Nigel Hughes to do the dirty work…he has gone on their platform and peddling the race line.”The President disclosed that the administration knows Hughes as a man that has lobbied, “a lot of people to become Senior Counsels…I (Jagdeo) appoint Senior Counsels…He will never be a Senior Counsel once I am president and I don’t know whether Donald Ramotar will ever give him because he is a drug dealers’ lawyer.”Brian Hamilton the murdered Gas Station ownerThe President in his unrelenting attack against the eminent attorney said that every case drug dealers “have Nigel Hughes, before the police catch them,…is in the police station…he is on permanent retainer.”Jagdeo, in painting Hughes and Basil Williams as the criminals’ lawyers said that every criminal caught in Buxton has been defended by either of the two Attorneys. “Every criminal that we ever caught in Buxton, guess who their lawyer is? Basil Williams and Nigel Hughes…criminals’ lawyers…every single one of them,” Jagdeo asserted.The President also accused Hughes of currently driving a car belonging to a drug dealer.“And he pushes the race line everyday …every single day he talks about the racism,” said Jagdeo.Expanding on his beliefs as it relates to the Brian Hamilton murder Jagdeo told the Lusignan crowd, “By the way you know when Hamilton was killed at the gas station in Buxton…guess what happen, Nigel Hughes showed up.”The President suggested that there was a video recording of the killing that had occurred but said that Hughes took away the tape and that the police subsequently never recovered the recording.“They had a camera and he (Hughes) took away the tape…the police never got hold of that tape and I am saying it here publicly tonight because it’s the truth and why did he take away the tape of how this guy was killed?” Jagdeo asked.“I don’t know but let me tell you,Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys, my suspicion is that he (Hughes) was also right there when Brian Hamilton was killed by the bandits in Buxton.”There are reports from the 2003 killing that Hughes did hand over the recording to the Police. The police later took the recording to some television stations to get help in enhancing the images. This has since been verified by television station owners who saw the tape.Hughes rebutsContacted by this publication Hughes described Jagdeo’s attack as a most disturbing, vile and scandalous attack, particularly the president accusing him of being involved in the murder of Brain Hamilton on March 21,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, 2003.“It is regrettable that the highest office in the Republic is now being abused and degraded by the wild imaginings of a delusional President.”According to Hughes, “Brain Hamilton was a member of our family and it was my sincere hope that the horrific circumstances surrounding his death would have been left behind so that his widow and daughter would not have to relive the awful manner of his death…The recent utterances of his Excellency cannot be left unanswered.”According to Hughes, Brian Hamilton was murdered at 7.42 AM on March 21,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 2003 at the family’s Buxton petrol station on the East Coast of Demerara by unmasked gunmen who entered his office and shot him.“At the time of his death I was at home in New Providence some fifteen miles away on East Bank Demerara.”Hughes stated that his brother who was married to Brian’s sister-in-law, was out of town at the time and he asked that Hughes attend to his grieving wife and father who were inconsolable at Brian’s wife’s parents’ home in New Haven.“I visited Mr. Oscar Hamilton, Brian’s father, who informed me that the Police had requested that he attend his petrol station as there was a surveillance tape still in the recording machine which the Police were unable to eject.”Hughes added,Wholesale Jerseys China, “Mr. Hamilton asked me if I would take him to Buxton which I did. He further informed me that he was concerned about the police securing the tape without providing him with a copy….On arrival at Buxton at 11. 15 AM Mr. Hamilton ejected the tape and asked the crime scene officer whether he could keep the tape for the purpose of making a copy. He was granted permission.”Hughes further contends that at the time of “our arrival at Buxton we were informed that there were eyewitnesses to the killing who had identified the killer to the police…One eyewitness had to be evacuated from his home in Buxton under army protection the same day.”The attorney stated that the tape was sent to a recording studio in Georgetown.“Shortly after the tape was handed over to Mr. Hamilton, a senior officer of the Guyana Defence Force requested a copy of the tape and asked that the Police not be made aware of their request…An officer of the Guyana Defence Force subsequently uplifted the tape from the recording studio the same afternoon.”He said that the following day “I personally attended the CID Headquarters for the purposes of handing over the tape to then Crime Chief Mr. Leon Trim…He was not there. I decided against leaving the original with a sentry for obvious reasons.”Hughes reports that “On Sunday I again attended the CID Eve Leary and again Mr. Trim was not present…On Monday morning at 8.15 AM,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, I attended the CID Eve Leary where the original time coded tape was handed over.”Hughes says that Mr. Trim confirmed in a public statement that since Monday March 24, 2003  he had received the tape.“When the issue of the surveillance tape arose some eight years ago I issued a statement on the matter…It is deeply disturbing in light of the above matters after the murder of so many innocent persons in that very unhappy chapter of our national life we still have been unable to bring closure to the period.”Hughes says that it remains his hope that a public inquiry will be conducted in the deaths of those many citizeAttorney-at-Law Nigel Hughesns who died as a result of the events in that tragic period.Meanwhile Hughes in a public statement yesterday in responding to what he called the President’s slanderous statements about him said, “Our professional oath as Attorneys- at-Law oblige us to represent our clients without fear or favour and I have had the privilege of representing an array of clients including, Mrs. Varshnie Jagdeo over the course of my professional life.“The categorization or classification of my clients has not been a concern of mine as I am not retained as a priest but an Attorney-at-Law.”Hughes added also that the fact that the current administration found it impossible to identify a single person of African descent qualified to represent this country of ours at the level of Ambassador at any international posting is probably the most salient statement on the practice of racism in politics in contemporary Guyana.He lashed out at the President saying that he does not require him to validate his work as an Attorney-at-law. “It will speak for itself.”Hughes added that Jagdeo’s statements have confirmed a long held belief in the profession that the conferral of the status of Senior Counsel by the present regime is a political act.“Accepting the conferral of such an award from the present regime would be like asking Steve Biko to accept an award from P.W. Botha during the apartheid era.”He warned that Jagdeo’s statements about the considerations for the award of silk have considerable implications on the independence of the judiciary and they have been noted.“If His Excellency ever feels disposed to emerge from beneath the cloak of immunity I would be more than happy to engage with him in an appropriate forum at his convenience.”He said too that it is his hope that should the occasion arise post November 28, 2011, that  “His Excellency  may require appropriately qualified legal counsel whether from Senior Counsel or otherwise, and that he does not feel constrained by comments made at Lusignan.”